06 Jun 2023

The 2022 Annual Report: Solidarity in Action

The Roncalli International Foundation is pleased to present to you its 2022 Annual Report. We hope you enjoy reading this publication, which highlights all that we can accomplish together when we join forces and put our solidarity into action. In 2022, together we:

02 Jun 2023

Women take the lead to protect Senegal’s Saloum delta

The Saloum delta is a coastal region in Senegal that is a veritable labyrinth of islands, characterized by rich vegetation, but this magnificent ecosystem is threatened by the ramifications of climate change and damaging environmental practices. We want to highlight the impressive efforts of a group of women in Senegal’s Saloum delta to protect this […]

17 Jan 2023

Improving health services at the San Pedro Hospital in Davao City

The San Pedro Hospital is a critical resource for the population of Davao City in the Philippines. The city, which is the largest on the island of Mindanao, only has nine hospital beds for every 10,000 people and that number is even lower in other parts of the island. These scarce healthcare services are further […]