• In 1974, the Sisters of Providence decided to create a foundation separate from their corporation, with a mission to help the most impoverished of our one human family, in the spirit of their foundress the Blessed Émilie Tavernier-Gamelin.  It was decided that the Foundation would bear the name RONCALLI INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, in honour of the Good Pope John XXIII, recognized around the world for his love of the poor and his work on their behalf.
The Blessed Émilie Tavernier-Gamelin, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence.
  • The implementation of certain legal and fiscal arrangements delayed the transfer of funds from the Congregation to the Foundation, and these were only made available at the end of 1979. This delay had an unintended benefit, since interest had accumulated on the initial capital during this time. The terms of the transfer specified that the capital must be kept intact, and only the generated income would be available for use. The Sisters of Providence not only contributed the largest share of capital; they have also made substantial contributions to the annual funding of our projects, year in and year out. The Foundation officially began its activities in 1980.

Sister Claire Houde, SP, and Mr. Gilles Trahan, the first Executive Director of the Foundation, visiting projects supported by the Foundation in Haiti, which would become one of the most important countries in the Foundation.
  • Starting in 1985, several Canadian religious congregations have made substantial contributions to the capital of the Foundation’s endowment fund, demonstrating both their confidence in the Foundation and their great generosity.
  • In 2005, led by Mr. Jean Meloche, the Foundation launched a major fundraising campaign to increase its endowment capital and ensure its longevity. Through this campaign, numerous congregations contributed to ensuring the perpetuity the Foundation’s mission.

Mr. Jean Meloche (centre) with members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
  • In 2008, the Congrégation Notre-Dame made a significant contribution to the Foundation’s endowment fund and officially joined our corporation. It has representatives who sit on the corporation as voting members, as well as on the Board of Directors. The Foundation is grateful for the trust that the congregation placed in us, as well as for the commitment and openness of the Sisters of Providence, who have since the beginning encouraged us to establish ties with several religious congregations, and commit to our work with the same missionary spirit as our partners.
  • In 2020, the year of the Foundation’s 40th anniversary, the Board of Directors approved the organization’s first-ever strategic plan. Our partners, our governing bodies, our donors and our team all contributed to this plan for 2020-2024, which is imbued with a vision of everyone working together to create a world of humanity!

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Along with its collaborators, the Roncalli International Foundation supports projects that light a spark for local populations, empowering them to further improve their living conditions.