Bolstered by our extensive experience in funding humanitarian projects internationally, we will help your organization find the best pathway and approach for building a more humane world.  

Several options are open to you:

  1. Create an endowment fund to ensure the long-term viability of your work abroad;
  2. Create a fund dedicated to projects in a particular country, region, area of action, etc.;
  3. Contribute to a specific large-scale project (ex. an infrastructure, emergency or long-term development project completed over several years);
  4. Create a dedicated fund to provide support to your members overseas 

Here are some examples of the incredible work we can accomplish together through a dedicated fund.  

An endowment fund for the pursuit of your works overseas in perpetuity 

When a congregation here in Canada began a discernment process to plan its future, it included a reflection on how best to secure its missions in Haiti. These missions are spread throughout the country and now involve nearly 50 local sisters. The sisters run medical clinics, schools, residences for the elderly and orphans and other services that are vital to the Haitian population.  

The congregation began discussions with the Roncalli International Foundation to see how the Foundation could support it in meeting its objectives. In addition to the management of an endowment fund to finance the congregation’s activities in Haiti in perpetuity, the Foundation could also oversee the construction of a new residence for the congregation’s local sisters and provide accompaniment and training on project management.  

The multiple services offered by the Foundation and its long-standing experience in Haiti provided the congregation with the confidence that its charism will live on and continue to be at the service of the poorest of our Haitian sisters and brothers. The congregation entered into an agreement with the Foundation that established an endowment fund and includes a transition period to ensure that this new phase of life for the congregation is set on a solid base. 

The pursuit of your works through a dedicated fund 

A religious congregation here in Canada helped establish two community centres in the region of Chiclayo in northern Peru close to 40 years ago to provide a place for the area’s youth to find hope and develop the skills to better the future of their communities. At the centres, youth can receive trainings, participate in awareness campaigns, meet other young people and are encouraged to volunteer in their communities.  

Although the congregation no longer has any members overseas, it wants to keep giving support to the dynamic staff of the centres and the youth who participate in their activities. In 2019, the congregation created a 15-year dedicated fund with the Roncalli International Foundation that provides yearly funding to projects submitted by the centres. The congregation is seeing the positive results of the fund, as the centres continue to thrive even during the COVID-19 pandemic with the support of the Roncalli International Foundation. 

Support to a large-scale project 

The San Pedro Hospital in Davao City in the Philippines was founded by the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity in 1948, and today, it is still operated by the congregation. As one of the few healthcare providers in the region, the hospital is vital; however, its first floor, including the emergency room, was in dire need of renovation.  

A Canadian congregation wanted to fund this major overhaul to the hospital; however, it felt that it no longer had the capacity to manage all the details involved in such a large-scale project. As such, it teamed up with the Roncalli International Foundation to supervise and manage the project. The Foundation has been working in close collaboration with the Dominican Sisters in the Philippines to bring the initiative to fruition on time and on budget.  

The congregation here in Canada also wanted to provide emergency funding to the hospital to help the staff cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The congregation was once again able to rely on the Roncalli International Foundation for support with this critical emergency measure. You can read more about this project here.

Help our world to the full extent of your means and ambitions. When you choose to avail yourself of the Roncalli International Foundation’s expertise, your generosity will lead to tangible results. 

For more information on how the Foundation can specifically support your religious congregations with the pursuit of its work overseas, consult our document:  

The services of the Roncalli International Foundation to support your mission overseas today and tomorrow
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For more information, please contact:

Kelly Di Domenico

Director of Philanthropic Development and Communications
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