Published on
6 June 2023

The Roncalli International Foundation is pleased to present to you its 2022 Annual Report. We hope you enjoy reading this publication, which highlights all that we can accomplish together when we join forces and put our solidarity into action.

In 2022, together we:

  • Invested close to $10 million in life-transforming initiatives
  • Supported 94 projects through our regular programming and 27 dedicated projects
  • Helped over 1.6 million improve their living conditions

Inside you can read stories about some of the innovate projects we supported in each of our 8 areas of action, as well as the complete list of all the projects that received funding from the Foundation.

We hope that as you read this report, you feel as proud of the results presented as we do, as they could not have been achieved without you!

Thank you for being part of the Roncalli family and happy reading!

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