At the Roncalli International Foundation, we accept donations for some of our dedicated funds, which allows you to support causes close to your heart.  

The Haiti Assistance Fund

Your donation will improve living conditions for the Haitian men and women who have been most impacted by natural disasters.

The Baillairgé Fund

The Baillairgé Fund pursues the mission of the Baillairgé Foundation to support the formation of future priests in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Missi-Sagesse Fund

Your donation will support projects of the congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom in one of the countries where they are present.

Do you want to start your own dedicated fund?

By creating a dedicated fund with the Roncalli International Foundation, you can secure your works overseas in perpetuity, contribute to a large-scale project or ensure longstanding funding to a specific cause.