Discover the Roncalli International Foundation’s services to support your mission overseas

Is your congregation seeking to pursue its work overseas or put in place a large-scale international project? The Foundation can provide its expertise in order to ensure that your mission lives on, both now and into the future.

Our impact
$125.5 million

The amount invested in more than 10,000 community projects since 1980. With the contributions of our partners, the amount totals more than $340 million!

8 areas of action
  • Agriculture 
  • Drinking water  
  • Education 
  • Empowerment of women 
  • Health  
  • Income generating activities
  • Pastoral activities  
  • Resilience to climate change 


1.67 million

The number of people supported by our work last year through 94 projects in 26 countries. 


The percentage of your donation that goes directly to communities. 

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