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26 February 2024

Let yourself be transported to the Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV) school, nestled in a peaceful valley near Dharwad in southern India. A place where children’s laughter and melodies resonate, testifying to the vitality of the schoolchildren who, fed and housed, flourish in a healthy environment.

Nevertheless, this safe haven for children faces a major challenge: electricity rationing in the village of Kalkeri, impacting the school.

As such, KSV had an urgent need to replace the 36 batteries required for its solar panels to function, which guarantees a constant source of energy for the school. This need arose when the batteries in use became depleted after six years of dedicated service.





Founded in November 2002 by a partnership of Indian, French and Canadian citizens, KSV offers quality education to children from socially and economically marginalized backgrounds. This unique institution enables children to flourish through the study and practice of traditional Indian arts. Staffed by a dedicated team of teachers, KSV looks after the physical, mental and personal well-being of its students, who range in age from 6 to 25 and come from a variety of local communities.





The Roncalli Foundation, proud of its commitment to children’s development, generously contributed $34,361 to this project, which allowed for the replacement of the solar panel batteries, as well as the purchase of 170 tablets for the students.



The tablets were of crucial importance as they permitted students to continue their studies during the pandemic in a region where only 47% of students have access to a smart phone to follow classes remotely. Today, the tablets continue to enhance the students’ studies, providing connectivity to multiple online resources.



Explore the inspiring journeys of students to understand the profound impact of KSV

Sangeeta Chavan, 23, a Master’s student in English at Karnataka University, epitomizes perseverance. Born into a modest family, she worked as a domestic servant before starting at KSV at the age of 11. Beginning her studies alongside the youngest students, she spoke only Lamani, her mother tongue. Today, she aspires to become an elementary school teacher at KSV to “give back what I’ve received,” she says:


Studying at KSV gave me a different perspective on life; I feel I can become much more than I thought I ever could.

Sangeeta, 23

Aishwarya Badiger, aged 10, has been studying at KSV since first grade. Beyond acquiring knowledge, the classroom is awakening her passions, cultivating her talents and encouraging her to shape her personality by stimulating her curiosity. Through her schooling, she is developing a sensitivity to collective well-being, and her dream is clear:


My dream is to be a teacher and help other children learn!

Aishwarya, 10

The quality education provided by KSV is a powerful lever for breaking the cycle of poverty and opening doors to higher education for vulnerable children. The KSV team is delighted to see its students embarking on paths to becoming thriving adult that mark a new chapter of success in their lives.

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