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21 September 2022

Saut-Mathurine, in the commune of Camp-Perrin, is known for its majestic waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the country. But after the earthquake of August 14th, 2021, landslides left the waterfall dilapidated and muddy, a symbol of the great devastation suffered by the entire community.

The Soeurs de Saint-Croix and the local organization Développement Communautaire Chrétien Haïtien (DCCH) quickly mobilized to rally the community in rebuilding effort. With families desperatley putting together makeshift shelters, it became clear that resources were needed to support the construction of decent housing for those who had lost everything

A local building committee was created that included members of the community. It established criteria for identifying families who were in dire need of new housing. The project became a true collaboration between DCCH, which provided the heavy materials and skilled workers, and the participants, who excavated, collected the stones, transported the local materials and provided the roof.

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Rémy Julien participated in the project and are now enjoying a safe and comfortable new home. The house is home to two families, including four children. Like the famous waterfall that has regained its abundance, the community of Saut-Mathurine has found new hope and joy.

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