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9 January 2024

Located in the extreme south of Honduras, the village of Jocote de Cayanini is renowned for its cultivation of cereals, including corn, millet, and beans, which provides a base income for its residents.

However, the community faces a major challenge: its over 34-year-old drinking water supply system is severely damaged. The existing storage tank is leaking 45% of the water that is collected from the two natural sources in the region.

This community of 261 residents, comprised of 34 families, including 150 students, relies primarily on agriculture for sustenance. However, food insecurity in Honduras has reached unprecedented levels, highlighting the crucial importance of having guaranteed access to water for both agriculture and daily life. The community’s growing economic difficulties led it to search for outside aid to help with this situation.

As such, it developed a project to construct a new potable water reservoir and install an enhanced distribution system that prioritizes the optimal use of local water resources and prevents waste. The project came to life thanks to the collaboration of various organizations, including the Asociación para el Desarrollo Económico, Científico y Tecnológico (Association for Economic, Scientific, and Technological Development) of Honduras, Jumelage St-Félix, and the Roncalli International Foundation.




To help successfully carry out this vital project, the Foundation invested $18,000, and the results are impressive! Now, people in the community have reliable access to drinking water. This has significantly improved the health and hygiene conditions of the population while strengthening local agriculture.

Furthermore, the involved partners played a key role by providing training to the residents of Jocote on sustainable water management practices and the protection of their drinking water sources and pipelines. Today, citizens are actively engaged in preserving their water sources and have put in place regulations to ensure the responsible use of this precious resource.




This success underscores the importance of collaboration between local communities and international organizations to improve the lives of vulnerable populations in Central America. The Jocote de Cayanini community has found renewed vitality through access to drinking water, serving as an inspiring example of transformation and resilience.

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