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23 January 2024

More than half of the Haitian population is under the age of 25, and these young people are the hope of a better future for the country. However, they face multiple obstacles to accessing education and employment, particularly young women.

According to the World Bank, girls and young women have made progress in education, but up to 43% in urban areas are neither participating in post-secondary education or training, or on the job market.

The Institution Père Médaille’s digital literacy project embodies a commitment to a brighter future for young women in Cap-Haïtien. Recognizing digital education as an essential key to strengthening the potential of Haiti’s youth, this school for girls is integrating interactive resources and facilitating access to digital information for its students. This enables them to familiarize themselves with technological tools, write assignments and carry out computer research relevant to their higher education studies.

Founded in September 2015 by the Congrégation des Sœurs de St-Joseph de St-Vallier, the Institution meets a crucial need by providing 3rd cycle and high school courses. Unfortunately, despite ongoing maintenance efforts, the school’s computers were no longer functional, resulting in the suspension of its digital literacy program for three months.



The school sought the help of the Roncalli International Foundation and submitted a project to replace the computers, which had been in service for eight years. This new equipment would support the school in achieving its objective of strengthening the digital education of its students. In July 2023, The Foundation provided $35,000 in financing for the acquisition of 30 new computers, as well as a photocopier. The Congrégation des Sœurs de St-Joseph de St-Vallier also contributed to the project.

The acquisition of the computers has made it possible to restore the digital literacy program and computer courses that are part of the Ministry of Education curriculum.



The Roncalli Foundation is honoured to have supported this vital project, which is having a direct impact on 610 students and, indirectly, 3,500 people by strengthening access to computer education in the region and improving post-secondary outcomes for young women. We firmly believe that investment in education creates lasting opportunities, and this project embodies our commitment to a brighter educational future for girls in Cap-Haïtien.

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