Mandatory documents

Whether you are an organization in a developing country or an international cooperation agent, the following instructions concern you.

In Canada, in order to fund a project, we need a series of documents and proofs.

Here is a reminder of all the documents that must be included with your grant application.

Please note that all official documents must be signed and dated. You will be able to upload all these documents when you complete your online grant application.

1- Letter of Intent

Please briefly answer the following questions in your letter of intent or project description:  

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • How much?
  • For whom?
  • How?

When reviewing grant applications, the Roncalli International Foundation gives priority to those that meet its criteria

2- Local Reference Letter

In your application, you must also include a reference letter from your superior, your bishop or a local organization recognized in your area that supports you or your project. This letter must be signed, dated and printed on the letterhead of the religious community or organization. 

3- Letter of endorsement from Canada

In your application, you must include a letter of endorsement from a Canadian organization who agrees to act as your agent

You must find a Canadian partner that recognizes your expertise and the relevance of your project.

The Roncalli International Foundation will assist religious communities in this process. 

4- Budget and Quote

What is a quote ?

A quote is a table that sets out the estimated cost and a detailed description of the work needed for a particular project. It must be signed and dated. The quote gives us a good idea of the cost of materials and labour required for the project.

In your grant application, you must include a budget or a quote for any request other than the purchase of material, equipment or furniture.    


5- Pro forma Invoice

What is a pro forma invoice?

A pro forma invoice is an estimated invoice sent by the seller to the buyer that declares the seller’s commitment to provide goods and services at certain prices. The invoice must contain the seller's logo and it must be signed and dated

In your grant application, you must include pro forma invoices for any material, equipment or furniture purchase. 

6- Identification Document

Official document proving the identity of the Local Project Manager (person who will be responsible for the project locally).

The identification document must:

  • Include your name;
  • Include your sex;
  • Include your date of birth;
  • Include a photo of yourself;
  • Include your signature;
  • Be issued by a government authority
  • Be valid.

Examples of identification documents that can be used:

  • Passport
  • National identification card
  • Driver's license
  • Voter registration card (if it contains your photo)

Sample of an identification document

7- Project description

This document is mandatory

You may submit a more detailed description of the project you want to realize. Please keep your project description to ten pages or less. We would be interested in seeing a map of the area or country in which the project will be implemented and a few statistics about the population. 

8- Letter from other funding sources

If applicable, please include letters from other funding sources listed in the ‘Income’ section of the budget. These letters must be signed, dated and printed on the funder’s letterhead. 

9- Photos

We are always interested in receiving high-resolution photos about your project that help us better understand your needs. Please include a description of the image and the area in which it was taken. 

Eventually, you will be able to upload a few photos (maximum of 5) with your online grant application. 

10- Official Grant Application Form

Use our online grant application form. You can access this form through RONCALLI ADMISSION. Once there, you will find further instructions on how to complete the form.

Please use your email address as your username. Use the same email address for your grant application and to contact the Roncalli International Foundation. 

If your organization has already been approved, you may go directly to the secureManage My Projectssection.